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Ecological cork insulation ceilings  Acoustic cork

Acoustic cork

Our products are elaborated to give you an acoustic sound insulation through cork. CORK 2000 gives you a complete product list to enjoy the benefits of the cork.    

Agglomerated cork

Pin cork are made with sheets or rolls of agglomerated cork with a self-adhesive treatment. Easy adhesion on any type of surface. Cork 2000 is a world of cork solutions.

Damp proofing isolation

The cork is excellent for damp proofing isolation and acoustic isolation. And CORK 2000 offers you all products that you need to solve your problem. Know the CORK 2000 store.

Cork decoration

Decorwall is the result of combining an agglomerated cork base and a layer of decorative cork. CORK 2000 offers you best cork products for decoration.

Agglomerated cork -