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Internal wood walls insulation  Natural insulation. Natural cork expanded CE

Internal wood walls insulation

Termacork Eco. Sheets of expanded ecological cork.
Termacork Eco is a 100% NATURAL insulator.
Ecological cork insulation much used in Bioconstruction.

Advantages of sheets of expanded ecological cork
Termacork Eco:

- Cork agglomerate 100% ecological

- The cork granulate agglomerates with the same resin as the cork segregates

- Sheets of ecological cork insulation with great power of acoustic and thermal absorption

- Cork is an ecological insulator which perspires, hence allowing interior spaces to be ventilated

- The sheets of cork ecological insulation are not affected by condensation of residual dampness

- Ecological insulation sheets which due to their density: 100 kg/m3, insulate more acoustically with less cross-section

- Ecological insulation sheets have a very prologned useful life.

TABLE OF MEASUREMENTS FOR Internal wood walls insulation

 TABLE OF MEASUREMENTS FOR Internal wood walls insulation

30 0.5 X 1 5 70
40 0.5 X 1 4 56
50 0.5 X 1 3 42
60 0.5 X 1 2,5 35
80 0.5 X 1 2 28

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